Thursday, January 04, 2007

Total returns for a bad selloff day: $1,470

A correction that is due had arrived.

As I type, dow was down 60 points. Tmr should be another red red day I suppose, unless dow wants to make a U-turn in the middle of the night again? A correction now is better than rising all the way and crash down hard.

My stocks got battered hard. Haha, what rose up quickly also fell down quick, like longcheer. Yesterday it was up by 0.060, today it closed down 0.030. Shake off some weak holders to prepare for the real surge, I hope.

Yellow page is a big surprise though. Rose up by 0.040. Really something fishy going on, because yellow pages usually nobody would touch it, in bear raid or bull run. But now, it kept cheonging. Good for me, though for this stock, it's still a -30% loss, haha. Luckily only 1 lot, won't die.

Total returns: $1,470

(considering today is a big selloff day, my stocks didn't drop all that bad, only longcheer drop mildly today. I'm so glad that I sold off all the laggards that didn't rise during the bull's run. Now the bull ran away, they dropped a lot and could have dragged down by portfolio tremendously.)