Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Total returns for new year 2007 : $420

Had a wonderful new year!

So wonderful that I'm slightly flu-ish from too many outings and parties. However, I managed to do some wonderful stuff to my spreadsheet for my stock portfolio.

First of all, I revamped the entire formula calculator to make it more efficient in calculating. Now, it's much easier and faster to get the bottom line profit/loss. In the midst of doing this, I also found out that I miscalculated some of the buying charge and sell charge of my holdings stocks and did the corrections. It's not much, thankfully, otherwise would have affected my profits. I also deducted the dividends of the stocks that I'm still holding since last year, and add it to the portfolio of the year 2007.

The best thing that I did today was to incorporate an intra-day warrants trading calculator. Though it's mainly used (for me, at least) for calculatiing the consolidated commission if you trade a particular warrant many times a day, it can also be used to calculate other stocks. I believe this nifty little program can help me shorten the adminstrative and lots of detective work after they send me the contra statement saying my gains and losses. I had this problem last year whenever I had multiple trades of a particular warrants for a day because dbs vickers would consolidate all the buying and selling price and calculate the commission from there. It think now the problem would be reduced if not totally eliminated. I'm so excited that this program would save me lots of trouble double checking my statements!

I changed the formula in the spreadsheet by putting in a max/min function when calculating the buying and selling charge of stocks. Last year, I had to physically compare which buying charge is the most and which selling charge is the least, then keying in the right charges to calculate my profit/losses. Now, the new formula will reflect this and choose the correct amount for the calculation of profit and loss. Very nice!

There's a discrepancies in commission because dbs charges 0.28% for internet trading (for trading less than 50k), subjected to a minimum of $25 commission. Sometimes if the amount of shares I buy is lesser, the commission would be just $25. But if I buy a lot of shares, then I would have to calculate the 0.28%. Now it's all settled easily in my revamped spreadsheet.

After testing it in a couple of trades that I executed last year, I'm convinced that my program is bug-free and I'm ready to put it out to work when I start trading this week.

HSI rose 320 points. Wonderful start to a new year, haha! I might not be able to trade tmr as I have work in the morning. It's okay, I'll take it easy this week. Oh ya, I resetted my past earnings for this new year and what I have for my total returns will now be based on the stocks I'm holding and future transactions from this point onwards.

The wise said, "The market is always there, you don't have to trade everyday". This is very very impt, so take note!

Total returns for 2006 (minus dividends and paper wins so as to carry over to 2007)
= $3,500
Total returns for 2007 (added last year dividend for the stocks I'm holding and paper wins)
= $420