Friday, January 26, 2007

Some sharing

Sorry for not updating yesterday.

Not been active in the market for these 2 days, esp today. Can't even be bothered checking my watchlist as I'm currently not trading warrants. Why not? Been on a losing streak so I thought I could rest my mind for a while, for a break.

As I mentioned earlier, I noticed that US market and regional bourses have nothing to do with each other already. Dow closed positive 80 yesterday and look what HSI and STI did. They corrected quite badly, with hsi -120 and sti -41.

Dow didn't look too good tonight, but seriously, who cares?! I'm a bit worried about longcheer because it drop to 1.15 today. Overall daily and weekly is going on downtrend, I suppose there's more downside to come. I shall hold, because I think longcheer has potential due to 3G in china.

My sti puts went a bit alive today, after sti corrected. Not so bad lah, but still in the red leh. Hmm, overall I think sti will correct maybe to touch ema. Overall still bullish.

Let me share a few interesting things:
1. Based on joseph's cycle, the predicted top of the market will be in 2008. At that point in time, that will also be the start of the bear market, which will last for 7 years until 2015. It was so called joseph's cycle because if u go see the bible, it said during the egyptian blah blah, there will be 7 years of famine and 7 years of joy or something. So he became the first person to know the importance of time cycles in nature.

2. Based on bradley's date, the important points to take note for reversal are on march 10th and march 20th. These are the nearest two dates to take note, I'll post more next time. Bradley's date is based on astrology where they put some numbers to planets and the no. will tell which day (+-4 calender days to +-1 week) there will be a market reversal. Meaning...if the market is top, it will go down and vice versa. Quite accurate, esp the impt dates (the 2 I mentioned are not the most impt ones, most impt one is in Oct).

Sooo, I suppose you know what to look out for lah. Just be careful, trade wisely.