Monday, January 15, 2007

Ellipsiz looks a bit worrying

Had a wonderful trading day today.

Did all I had to do, nothing more nothing less. Both stocks that I bought, longcheer and ellipsiz are doing well, especially longcheer. Looks ready to break resistance. Ellipsiz a little worrying, because throughout the day,I saw it trying to break free of the 0.785/0.790 area, eventually closing at 0.79. Hopefully all the sellers at 0.79 are cleared and it can get ready to cheong up to 0.825 and above.

HSI went crazy today. Possibly the very last surge of energy by speculators, pushing it past 20,000. 20,000 should act as a support (should be a weak one) and the next target to aim for is 20,200 then 20,400. Then it'll be in no man's zone because nobody will know what to expect already. For now, hsi looks very bullish with all the indicators pointing for more rise. I'll be looking at call warrant tmr.

Tmr I'll look at my stocks holding carefully for signs of weakness, esp. for ellipsiz. If anything goes, I might be looking to sell off ellipsiz because the run up don't look very strong to me. I might be wrong.

I decided not to post my daily total returns anymore. It can affect my psychology and made me too greedy. I'll post it every weekend though for recording purpose. Keep up on the disciplined approach to trading!