Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Portfolio sector breakdown

The market had been down in Feb and I had been spending my cash to whittle it down to a manageable level. If not, the cash will be like a runner wearing parachute while running. It's safe but it'll drag me down. I took stock of what I had and what the different sector allocation relative to each other. It's right below in the pie chart. Take note that the percentage is based on capital allocated and not based on market value.

You might not agree with how I labelled the different companies in my portfolio though, but that's what I thought of their characteristics:

1) Aims
2) Capcomm trust
3) First reit
4) Mapletree com trust
5) Fraser cpt trust
6) Capitamall trust
7) CDL H trust
8) RHT health trust

Top two in the Reits sector are Aims and First reit

Bonds/cash equivalent:
1) FCL Trea 3.65% bond
2) Vicom
3) Hyflux 6% CPS
4) Feb 2018 savings bond

Top two in the bonds/cash equivalent sector are Feb 2018 savings bond and Vicom

Small caps growth:
1) Sheng siong
2) Kingsmen creative
3) Isoteam
4) Food empire

Top two in the smalls caps growth sector are Food empire and Kingsmen creative

1) Sembcorp industries
2) Sembmarine
3) Olam

Top two in the oil/commodities are Olam and Sembcorp industries

1) UOB

Top most in the bank sector is OCBC.

1) ST engineering
2) SIA engineering

Top most in the Others sector is SIA engineering

Pure Cash
1) Savings accounts
2) Cash
3) Poems money market fund
4) Fastsaver CIMB

Top 2 in the pure cash sector is Fastsaver CIMB and Poems money market fund

Based on marked to market value of my portfolio, my pure cash position is about 30%. If I needed to raise more cash, I could sell off some of the bonds/cash equivalent to boost up the warchest if needed. This feels about right. Since my work is starting to get busy, I expect my cash position to boost up even more as I can begin the 50k savings challenge for the year 2018 again.

I forgot that there's a small percentage of crypto currency too, about 2.3% currently of total capital allocated. I intend to raise it to about 3.5% of total capital allocated. It's money I hope I won't lose but can afford to lose.