Sunday, April 09, 2023

To my beloved friend CW8888

It is with infinite sadness that I came out from my hiding hole to blog about the passing of a dear friend, CW8888, whom I affectionately call senior bro. 

I've known him for as long as I am blogging. How long was that? A decade? Probably around there. He was here when Bullythebear has a chatbox, where a lot of old bloggers gathered in the past. It's like what SMOL would have perfectly said - a tavern for adventurers. From the tiny chatbox, we had conversations that lasted from morning to night. Up to this day, whenever I thought of the chatbox, I felt a strong sense of nostalgia and perhaps mixed with what I can best describe as a longing for past fond times.

It was there that I met senior bro. I continued to meet him many many times throughout the years, usually once a year to catch up. I would have done so if Covid didn't disrupt it too. Just very recently, I thought of meeting up with the old gang just to catch up. If only I had done so in time...

From him, I learned a few important lessons in life:

1. Taking care of yourself and taking care of your family is most important. I'm sure his family is well taken care of since he is an avid planner for all kinds of scenarios

2. Having an active life continues. He is the crazy old man who walks around Singapore after retirement. Wished to join him one of these days, but alas...

3. Have the courage to quit your job and enjoy life. I'm sure he has no regrets about working a few more years instead of enjoying life doing the things he wants and spending time with the people he likes. He quit when he can and that is truly courageous.

But that's life, isn't it? Treasure your loved ones. To senior bro, I know you've worked hard all your life. Time for your well-deserved break. You truly embody the spirit of working hard, and playing hard and you're a real survivor in every sense of the word. 

You'll be missed.


la papillion said...

To anyone who wants to go to the wake, here are the details:

• Blk 413 Hougang Ave 10 S(530413)
• Wake is from 9th Apr to 12th Apr
• Cortege leaves at 1015am for funeral mass at Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary at 1030am on 13th Apr for cremation at Mandai Crematorium hall 1, 1205pm

Anonymous said...

Mrs spoon - this is so sad. I do read his blog from
Time to time. May he Rest In Peace.

Cory said...

Sadness in my heart. Know about him in chatbox long time ago.

Betta man said...

RIP Uncle Jacob. I especially like the blogs he wrote about CPF, about how to withdraw interest from SA/OA after 55 without touching the capital.

His death is so sudden. Don't mind I ask is it due to accident or terminal illness ?

Jes said...

Yeah, I am also out of my hiding post. I always look forward to his comments on our posts...

la papillion said...

Hi all,

I went to his wake and talked to the family members too. They said he didn't suffer too much and all his family members (even those abroad coincidentally) are here, so it's the best anyone can hope for.

Bettaman, I think it's not up to me to share publicly the details. All I am comfortable to say is that it's illness.

Even in the last day he was still updating his spreadsheet, joking and teasing his family members.

I will miss him.

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