Tuesday, June 04, 2019

The Death of Cbox

For those who didn't know, my blog has been around for a very long time. And it had always been accompanied by the cbox. Remember that this is the time before any of the social media groups are up. The best groups to talk about investing comes from CNA forum. There are no WhatsApp, telegrams or facebook messenger. But my blog always has a cbox for the regulars to chat with each other.

From the cbox, I knew many people both offline and online. Some of them went on to become bloggers themselves. I can remember a few of them: Cory, AK, SMOL, Cookie, momoeagle... among others. The cbox community grew together with my blog, and I say that it is an integral part of the bullythebear experience. Some are just students when they first came in, graduated to become accountants and doctors. Some came in to find their apple trees, and from what I've heard, grew so many apple trees that they bought many more lands to grow many more trees. I'm glad to have shared the experience and their journey together with them.

I've written some articles about the cbox. Some of them are articles to raise funds to get the premium edition of cbox so that everyone has a better experience. Here's a few of them:

1) How do you know if you are addicted to the cbox?

This is interesting because I was addicted to it. Just click refreshing to see who posted anything new, so that I can respond. Some even choose a certain model of cbox so that the handphone can access it.

2) Circular to shareholders

This article gives me a kick. I've adapted a typical circular sent to shareholders to really just ask for funding for the premium edition of cbox instead of the free one. That is essentially crowd funding. Haha, I did crowd funding before it was even popular!

Brings back fond memories reading my past articles, isn't it?

I noticed that the cbox premium membership had expired. I think it had served its purpose in forming a community of like-minded people together to form a sort of support group. But the function of the cbox had been replaced by Whatsapp group and Facebook groups, to the extent that even I am no longer visiting it. A few years ago, I shifted it down to a less prominent position to the bottom of the blog. Now, I think it's time to bury it and remove it altogether. Some of the friendship I've made are real and had been transferred online to offline. Some of my best brothers and sisters I still keep in contact with, and they sprung from the tiny cbox.

Thanks for the fond memories. Goodbye.