Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Total returns: $1,920

Wow, sti closed at +52 points, a really roaring start to a new year!

I wonder how sti would fare tmr. More imptly, how would hsi fare tmr? Tmr shanghai, shenzhen, nikkei would open, together with dow tonight (so far +70), so I hope it'll cheong even higher tmr. I'll be home to check out the action till afternoon.

Excellent showing by longcheer made my portfolio gained massively for this first trading day of the year. Longcheer gained 0.060, and I hope it'll carry on the momentum. Short term charts is very positive, showing more upside to come. Pac andes too, short term looks good.

Heard some big boys are accumulating defensives stocks like the yellow pages that I'm holding. Usually pple flock to defensive stocks because market is peaking, so I'll be looking closely. Though some forummers said that yellow page is aggressively seeking new plans for advertisements. We'll see how.

Total returns for today: $1,920