Thursday, January 18, 2007

More cut losses for hsi put warrants

Went to work, when I came back, my put warrants for hsi sank. Sigh..

Things like this happen to me very frequently these days. I cut loss, making some painful losses. But I still cut loss happily, I think I'm getting the hang of cutting losses now. Just cut, don't think, next time try again but learn your lesson well.

The lesson is that I'm betting against the trend again. I keep on anticipating hsi to correct but the bull keep on coming. With the dow closed negative, the bull also came. Almost everywhere is green...really what is happening? China clamped down on its overheated property market, hsi also went up. I guess the major push this time is Japan's interest rate. It's supposed to be raised by 0.25% by it didn't, so shortist got killed, longist went in. Maybe that's the reason for today's surge.

Tonight CPI result will be out for US side. If favourable, worldwide market will go for another round of bullish run. If not, correction might begin tomorrow.

Longcheer still doing nicely. Pullback with light volume, so no alarms yet. Going on a short term downtrend, but as long as my cut loss is not triggered I'll hold. If it ever tested 1.18/1.19, I'll buy more.

Oh, bought 10 lots of put warrants for sti today too at 0.065. It tmr sti goes up, I'll accumulate more until it finally corrects. At this rate that the world market is climbing, a big crash is coming. Crazy bull. Total amount for the puts is only 700 plus, even if goes to nearly zero, I can still take the losses. But of course, before it happens, I'll have already cut losses.

My portfolio is bad bad bad. Sigh...but am I going to give up? No way.

Longcheer and my sti put warrants are the only ones that I'll concentrating for now, not shopping for more. I'll take a break and stop actively monitoring the market for now.