Friday, January 05, 2007

Very very bad day

Bad trading day.

Could have earned 100 plus dollars and ran away feeling happy, but I traded more and lost even more. Sigh...

1. Buy 10 lots at 0.675
2. Sell 10 lots at 0.695

3. Buy 5 lots at 0.67
4. Buy 5 lots at 0.68
5. Sell 10 lots at 0.67

6. sell 15 lots at 0.705
7. Sell 10 lots at 0.710
8. Sell 10 lots at 0.725
9. Buy 25 lots at 0.75
10. Buy 10 lots at 0.755

It's so painful to type this out.. I could have made some money on trade 1 and 2 alone and leave but no, I acted out of character today. What's worse was trade 6 to 9. I don't even remembered pressing it!! Maybe the computer cock up my orders or something. When I saw the trade I was really panicking, because firstly, hsi was cheonging up while I'm shorting the call warrants. Next, my buy limit cannot allow me to cover my naked shorts and time is running out. If I don't buy back, sgx will buy me for me 3 days later, which might result in catastrophic losses. I'll rather do whatever I can to buy now at a loss that I know rather than wait 3 days for the unknown.

I had to frantically call dbs help line to raise my limits but I think they tried to earn some extra commission because they have to let a broker do the buy back for me. It's another extra 0.10% on top of the 0.28% commission. I said okay resignedly. Small price to pay to stop my losses.

Crazy shit...what kind of mental state am I in today? Tired (didn't had my afternoon nap, woke up early for work, didn't sleep well last night) is the first thing that came into my mind. Bad state to trade...hiaz..

So how much did I lose on the warrants? 1.6k (i overestimate it to include the extra commission charge, probably lesser than this). Totally wiped off all the meagre amount of money that I earn the last 2 days. This is my first loss of the new year, well, I deserved it.

Longcheer didn't do good today either. Dropped 0.030, dragged my profits down somemore. Total returns as of now: -$400. Nevermind, I'll get my tip top mental state back and recover everything again. I shall not be broken by this minor setback.