Thursday, January 11, 2007

TR: neg. $6.8k

I heard a lot of pple kena killed today in the market.

The sudden and vicious drop in shares price caught many unaware, including me. I didn't expect hsi to continue dropping for 3 consecutive trading days. Almost wiped off 600 to 700 points in 3 days. That's like crazy..

Not in a mood to discuss more. I'll just say when I think about longcheer.

Longcheer dropped another 0.030. All expected, though the magnitude of the drop isn't what I expected. But the selling is on a decreasing volume so I think shouldn't be a cause for concern. Stochastics dropped below 20%, quite rare for longcheer. So the next level to look out for reversal will be when %K drops near to 0% level. To cut the story short, I think still have a little more room to go down before it rises. As long as the price don't drop below green ema100 days, I think really no cause for concern. Btw, 5th straight consecutive day of dropping already.

TR: negative $6,8 k