Thursday, May 17, 2007

My book is here!

STI went up by 24 pts, after dow closed 3 digits up yst night (+103)

Yst I was just thinking of selling CH offshore, but now, I think can make it already. Saw some reports saying their share shld be at least 0.72, based on their asset value per shares in the market. Anyway, DBS vickers have a target price of 0.66, while UOB KH have a tp of 0.85. I bought near historic high at 0.665 (why am I the last fool?!) so I'll wait. Probably won't add in, already have a lot of positions at hand.

Genting went up and went down. Seriously, I think i'll be better off not looking at it. Come back at the end of this year to see if there's any changes, there's better. Without any news coming from the award tender of the IR, I think all the construction stocks plus genting will not have any major movement. Why are the authorities delaying the annoucement? I thought they are going to announce in May? Half of may is gone, what are they waiting for?

I just need OCBC to inch up a little more and I can sell off my OCBC warrants at breakeven. SERIOUSLY had enough of playing warrants. I'll be happy to leave without a loss and spare me the agony of watching it closely on a daily basis. Straits asia went down to close at 1.07, after a strong opening. I wonder why. Too chicken to buy at 1.07, though I did queue to buy at 1.06. I guess too many positions makes u scared to commit more though I am quite confident of this stock.

My book is here! Thanks to bershire business books, had it imported all the way from US because it seems like all of singapore is out of stock. I browsed through it, quite difficult reading. Let me finish the books that I had in hand from national library first, then I'll start on this. I'll post my reflections as I read through.

That's all for now.


Unicorn said...

I have heard of Jim Rogers, a famous partner with George Soros who writes good book on investing as well.

You might wish to take a look at that if you have the time.

la papillion said...

Hi, do I know u personally? thks for visiting my blog!

I've heard of jim rogers. If I'm not wrong, he do commodities and is quite an expert in it. Will read up on him when I can. Thks for the intro!