Monday, May 28, 2007

Average monthly performance of STI since 1985

Read an interesting article on business times online just now, thought of sharing it here.

Above is the average performance of the different months of the year. In summary

1. Best month = December (totally agree!)
2. Next best month = January (again, totally agree!)
3. Followed by October, then April and finally May

Statistics also showed that 6 out of 9 Mays were negative months, it's just the three Mays that returned positive are strong enough to bring the average up significantly.

The most volatile month is October, followed by May.

4. The worst performing months = August and september (that's why Oct is good for bargain hunts)

This kind of seasonal data is very very important. It means we should prepare more cash to bargain hunt around Oct to ride the end of season good performance, stretching from Dec to January (so called capricorn effect).

What a boring market today, even though STI was up by 26 points, all my counters dropped. I scanned through sgx announcement just now, here's a few worthy news:

1. Fabchem reported 20% plus minus drop in net profit (lucky i sold all out last yr)
2. Tiong woon won 119.5 million contract in thailand
3. Tat hong reported excellent results - 200% increment in profit
4. Genting - resolution passed at EGM today

US having Memorial day today, so they are not opening. Tmr we'll see how Nikkei, china and HK performs as they will determine our direction. STI really no backbone, cannot move itself..hiaz...

Europe mostly green.