Thursday, May 03, 2007

Banking stocks

The following charts are for DBS, OCBC and UOB respectively.

They are going to announce their results.

DBS - This Fri
UOB - Next Mon
OCBC - Next Wed

Of course I can't buy the mother share, it's too expensive, so am looking at the warrants to see which one is the best value for money. All 3 charts show similar characteristics:

1. symmetrical triangle, threatening to breakout on upside
2. Stochastics finished its minimum and is now heading up or had already headed up
3. MacD going to cross over

DBS is might have broken out, depending on how it close today. UOB has already broken out. OCBC is the one with that haven't broken out. In fact, looking at RSI, looks like it just got out of short downtrend.

I'll bet on OCBC. I'll wait to see how DBS performs tmr, and we'll get an idea of how this sector performs.