Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Some stocks recommendation:


This one is from a forum friend. He said tmr is the results of midsouth. Today buyup action is quite good, not much volume and huge lots buyup.

Horizontal support at 0.725
Trendline resistance turned support near 0.725
Intermediate resistance at 0.775
Gap resistance ranging from 0.745 to 0.78...needs to overcome this in order to proceed further
It'll be nicer to see it retrace to 0.725, see it test the support then I'll be more confident of it

Lian Beng

News from my broker told me that there are 3rd hand rumors there genting and lian beng have close relationships...might end up having major contracts.

Disclaimer: Not an inducement to buy. Do your due diligence, and I bear no responsibilities for your losses or gains. I post it here mainly for my own research and documentation.