Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Firefox 2 rocks!

During market downdays, I always like to post nonsense.

Firstly, it keeps my mind off my bleeding portfolio and all the red ants marching around my watchlist. On the other, it keeps me from doing silly things like

1. Buy more (there's a time to buy bargains, but not now as the technicals don't suppot it)

2. Sell existing stocks (don't, i mean don't buy high sell low)

3. Sell existing stocks short and buy back at the end of the day (i have hit rate of 1/5...I won't do it)

4. Worry sick over it (bulls and bears...yin and yang, can't escape)

Let me talk about the internet browser that I used. I used mozilla firefox, the best ever internet browser since netscape. There's a whole list of things why you want firefox instead of internet explorer - faster, customisable (almost everything!), tabbed browser, and best of all --- extensions.

Yes, you can download extension to make your firefox browser work better. I downloaded a few:

1. Firefox extension backup extension (FEBE) - makes a backup of all of your bookmarks and extension you've downloaded at planned interval you've key in - absolutely a must have! I've lost bookmarks and felt I've lost my handphone...this is definitely useful

2. Fission - Works like mac computer where the progress bar is in the address bar (safari style) - purely aesthetics reasons

3. IE tab - I downloaded this because some website do not support firefox, esp government websites. Using this extension, I can switch between a website opened by firefox or internet explorer, just like that! Nifty extension because I always use this to open my trading platform (DBS and POEMS)

4. Reminder fox - a little notepad that irritates me to good cause - it'll just keep popping out until I've completed my task. Serves as a organiser embedded in your browser

5. Save session - I discovered this yesterday! Saves me soo much trouble. Basically I opened a set of websites everytime I switched on the computer. I don't want to click on all these website daily, so this extension allows me to save a snapshot of the website before I exit my browser. The next time I opened the browser, it'll give me exactly the same websites where I've left off! Must-haves!

6. Smart bookmarks - makes a whole lots of small icons for immediate access to common websites. Makes my internet experience so much better, another must-haves

7. Splash - adds a splash screen. Purely aesthetic reasons. A splash screen like this size pops out whenever you opened firefox. Sort of like a beautiful way to greet your internet experience.

Here's a screenshot of how the whole experience is like:

What's really cool is the ability to add on widgets just like windows vista (actually vista copied this cool idea from mac computer). Widgets are downloadable, customisable applications in built onto your desktop (can be your browser too for firefox). I've downloaded a To-do list, weather forecast, calender, clock, stock index (you can customise this too!). It's so beautifully rendered in, really want to recommend to you!

Here's a screenshot:

The wallpaper is not part of the deal :) I just like how cool apple computers are as I've been using it since I'm a kid till I'm 17.

So YES, there is another world out there besides microsoft! I even have the free office suite program, quite good too. But that's another day another time. Do youself a favour, try out firefox:

Oh no, I'm not paid to advertise firefox to you. I might, if I have more visitors, haha :)