Thursday, May 03, 2007

STI broke new intraday high, but closes slightly below

Trades done today:

5 lots of genting at $1
5 lots of OCBC call warrants at 0.320

Genting possibly for long term. There's a lot of accumulation with very huge lots (50 to 100k) for the past few weeks. Could be institutional buying for something big. All we need is a trigger - increased tp, new brokerage house coverage... genting will fly. Charts wise, there's a huge symmetrical triangle formation developed in weekly charts. If we can break out of this formation on the upside, there'll be tremendous gains in the price. Vice versa. Latest by June, we'll see if the breakout is up or down.

OCBC I bought it and the reasons I've already stated in the previous post today.

Straits asia charts looks nicer and nicer. Today it had excellent price action with the sell queue being gobbled up in huge lots. This means that the buyer strength is still there. The tp of 1.21/1.22 is still intact, and I think it might even exceed this tp. Let's hope that it'll reach the tp set by UBS of 1.33.

Swiber consolidating with very low volume. I'm a bit worried on 8th May. That day is the day in which Swissco, another listed company with substantial holdings in swiber, can start to sell their shares. Might raise the liquidity of swiber, and hence the price might go down. Hard to say what swissco might do. Overall still holding strong.

Pac andes long as it can break 1.25 to complete the flag formation, i think might see a tp of 1.38 minimum. I think can start to see some action these 2 weeks, perhaps sooner.

STI broke out of symmetrical triangle (seems like everthing broke out), possibly more upside to come. Today's huge follow up with heavy volume confirmed yesterday's breakout. It's a sweetener that we broke intraday high to 3475. I think we're going to have a ride all the way near 3500.

After that, hmm.... I believe we're on the last leg of this bull run that lasted since last may. Pennies is the last to run, and look at the top volume in these few sessions, it's all those ulu 5 cts and below stocks. When pennies run, it's time to run. Haha, just enjoy the last leg before we crash down, possibly to 2800. I don't know. This few run ups my watchlist didn't go up too, another classic sign that it's not broadbased.

No need to worry so much lah.

Dow +13 now. Europe side a mix of green and red.