Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Marina bay IR

Was introduced to this website where they posted pictures of the future Marina bay IR. WOW!

Taken from:

Okay right, first impression is that it really looks like 3 ancestral tablets. I like the concept of the sky garden which forms a link connecting all the 3 towers. It really look big, quite impressive!

I'm sort of looking forward to it. Heard that they are going to introduce brand names in the shopping area which cannot be found anywhere else in singapore. Talk about exclusivity. I wonder if there are any charges to enter the resort, those kind of pay per visit thing. I hope not, cos I'm looking forward to entering it just like I go city hall/marina bay area. My usual haunts.

Night view looks pretty. I guess with the annual fireworks near new year or any big holidays, it'll attract quite a big crowd. Sometime like the harbor area over at HK. This architectural building will definitely boost the sky line of singapore, which some people touted as boring.

More relevant question here. CSC won the 240 million contract. I wonder how much of it will go into their coffer - i.e what's their profit margin? Marina bay area is made of marine clay, bad soil conditions might erode the profit margin. But I guess it's the recognition and brandname (intangible assets) of building such a big project that will propel CSC to greater heights. I hope CSC will clinch a foundation/geotech project over at Sentosa IR too. That will sweeten the deal!

Boring market day, that's why post rubbish here, haha!