Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another boring day

Market is boring today.

Like a headless chicken without the direction given by Dow, STI just trends sideways. It's towards market close that STI went up. Volume is very low, 1.9 million only. Most of the counters that I had dropped. Oh well, not everyday is Sunday.

Sort of expected it. Most of the company had already announced their earnings (still waiting for Pac Andes though) and there's no news to push STI further. We're in Dow's hands now. If Dow rallied tonight, I think we might see some action, though I doubt it.
This week is also a short trading week with Thurs as Vesak day. I guess can just go for holiday then come back next week, I don't think you'll miss out anything.

Dow futures +24 now, Europe a mix of red and green.