Friday, December 08, 2006

Total returns: - 220

As promised, here's the update for the last market day.

I'm very glad that I sold my call warrant for hsi at the earliest instant. Cos if not i'll be deeply in the red to the tune of 2.5 to 3k. I managed to escape at 1.3k, still not too bad. Point to take note: Don't keep warrant overnight if you want a good night's sleep. It's simply too volatile and highly manipulated.

Didn't buy any warrants, took a break today. Cos from what i see, hsi is whipsawing up and down in the morning, afternoon it's all DOWN DOWN DOWN until -183 points. Goodness. Heard it's China Mobile that had diarrhoea today. Must be the share placement thing that causes this. Anyway, banks stocks in hong kong is back with a revenge, rising furiously. Too bad sold off my icbc call warrant a few days earlier at a loss.

Longcheer went higher than expected today: 1.37, with huge volume. But I think profit taking sets in and it subsequently dropped to 1.29. Fabchem (what a disappointment) fell again, sunshine too. Because of this, my total returns stands at -$220. Can swing into positive anytime because I believe it's about as low as it can get for this week.

I'm thinking of dumping longcheer when it reaches a high tmr. Don't think I can hold till Feb. Lots of things can happen and I don't want to lose the chance to cash in my profits after I waited SOOOoooo long. Maybe tmr morning, when all the frantic buyers bid it up, I'll sell it. If it dropped a lot, I might buy it back later in the afternoon, thus becoming a contra short and cover. Still can make some money yet hold on to the stocks. See how first.

Longcheer cheong so fast, can also drop faster. Anyway, can buy back when it drops. Hopefully the 3G announcement don't come nxt week when I'm not around (gng for holiday).

IR annoucement tmr? Capitaland china reit debut? Tmr property market going to be hot hot and hot.