Friday, December 22, 2006

Total returns: -$10

Dow as of now is at -9. I think it might close -ve tonight but we'll see how it might affect hsi tmr.

One camp is saying that hsi is consolidating now and preparing to rebound anytime soon. Another is that hsi is going to go down. Aiya, for me, no point anticipating, we'll know in a few hours time. I'm still holding my call warrants. If tmr I can't sell off, I'll hold it till market opens again on Tues (Mon is Christmas Day). I should expect a strong rally next week if our dear capricorn effect really works. Hmm, tmr afterall is a fri, and we all know what happens on Fri, esp on a long weekend.

Because Longcheer closed badly for this market day, it dragged down my total returns to -$10. Okay lah, I should expect it to reach 1.35 and above soon. Probably in another week or 2. China is going to announce their 3G plans and I really hope longcheer will cheong because of that.

Oh Pac andes rise a lot today. Some say it's window dressing for funds so that it'll look good and they'll get a fat bonus as a result. Might be looking to add more, if necessary.

Tmr is half day trading for me. Need to prepare for Christmas party on sat. Let's see if I can sell off my call warrants before lunch. If not, I might have to keep for some time. I pretty confident hsi will reach 19400 by march next yr though.

Good luck tmr!