Friday, December 22, 2006

Could have made 1.4k more!

Didn't expect hsi and sti to close strongly today.

On hindsight, I shouldn't have cashed out on my call warrants too early. Because it rises up to 0.71 by the time the market closed. I could have earned another 1400k if i cashed out later. Aiya, sometimes, I think I should become a full time trader instead of working. There are easier way to earn money than to work for people. This is a career move that I am thinking about lately.

The rest of my stocks is as usual, not moving much nor dropping. Longcheer stays at 1.9. Pac andes dropped a bit to 0.76, still okay, as long as it doesn't fall below 0.72.

I don't have my spreadsheet with me now, so I can't calculate my total returns. I think a slight drop from my previous report. Hiaz, still a bit sore about my would be earnings...