Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Total returns: $1,280

A terribly boring market.

I spent the day posting in cna forum and decipher's website. Otherwise, how to whilst the time away? Can't trade somemore cos hsi not even open.

DBS didn't barge a bit. Yesterday's news not powerful enough? I don't know. Hengxin, doing coaxial cable for telco companies had a big runup today. Longcheer too. Maybe the long awaited 3G annoucement is coming, perhaps tonight? I hope so too.

The rest of my holdings, some gained some lost. But overall made more because longcheer went up more than the rest which dropped a bit. Heard UBS downgraded Yellowpage. Not surprisingly. Yellow page dun have good earning prospects if u ask me. I would sell when I'm in need of the money (which is not much, considering it's only 1 lot).

Heard of this company called armstrong today. Very strong concrete earnings prospect, been increasing in profit margin and gross profits for a couple of years already. Dividend policy is 50% of earnings. Short term trend looks good, long term not so clear. Will be placing armstrong in my watchlist to check out first.

Nowadays not looking to add on to my stockholdings, only looking to sell sell and sell.

Dow futures stands at -83 now. The most negative i've ever seen. I wonder what's the bad news tonight. I'll see in the morning if dow closed negative too. If nikkei and sti also negative, wah, good! I go cheong call warrants, betting that hsi will rebound for the last few days of 2006.

Total returns = $1,280
(mainly from longcheer runup)


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