Tuesday, December 19, 2006

total loss - 4.2 k

Pui pui pui!

What a lousy trading day! Deciding on a put, before it drop, i sell at a loss. Went on to buy a call. Before I say "ah!", drops down to make a substantial loss. WTF!

Some days like these I really hate myself. How come I don't have the mental clarity and discipline to follow my beliefs? Sigh.. Have to see all these as a lesson. Don't EVER trade when you're not feeling up to it.

I managed to sold half of my sunshine holdings, making a slight loss. I think I'll carry on my selling plan. No point holding on to lost hope. Longcheer and fabchem didn't disappoint me - they just keeping dropping. They really dragged my total returns down a lot.

I'm still holding onto my call warrant for hsi. Today dropped like mad dog, -230 pts. STI also dropped like seow, almost 65 points down, nikkei dropped 180 points. I hope this is a correction before the final runup for the so called capricorn effect. My call warrant expires in feb 07, still have 400 more points to go for it to be in the money. I think it should do fine.

I just hope tmr will be fine too. Doesn't look good, knowing that thai stock crashed almost 10% they even have to stop trading. Europe also not doing badly. Dow futures stands at -34, a very bad sign. Hmm...all the best for me!

Total returns stands at: -4.2 k