Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Made $650 today, total returns: +$2460

Is it mercury retrograde now?

Taiwan's earthquake affected quite a number of countries in Asia. It's almost a cyber earthquake here because we can't access most if not all the us based sites. It's pretty okay in the morning but around mid morning, everything just comes to a standstill.

Imagine if I had bought huge amount, I'll have died a heart attack. Today hsi cheong like crazy, +400! It opened 300 up already, what a furious gap up after a long break. Luckily I bought small amount of call warrant (half my usual amount to test test), and even before market opens, I made a paper profit of nearly 1k already. Little did I expect the live charts for hsi to be down, so I didn't sell it because I knew it will go up further.

When all the live charts got cut off, i'm basically trading blindly. Since I've made enuff for the day, I decided to call it quits rather than risk trading without any aids. I cut off around 1230pm and quit trading for the day. Capital preservation is more impt, esp after a huge rise, who knows if it may downturn.

But it didn't, it's stronger than I thought. Could have made another 1.1k, but alright lah, too big a risk to trade blindly. I lose around $50 commission by the time i sold another warrant around lunch time. Too risky cos by then almost all connetions went to turtle speed. Alright lah, overall each day above 500 i happy already.

Not a bad day, hope tmr the website is working fine. Dow seems very strong tonight as of now, +70 now.

Total returns: +$2,460 (longcheer cheong slightly)


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