Friday, December 08, 2006

IR annoucement blues? Total returns: - 850

Another boring day.

Did not do any trades today, especially not hsi warrants. It was way to unstable to bet on either direction, although generally I think hsi had bottomed out. Can't get much lower than this already lah.

Dow futures green as of now, nasdaq and S&P -ve. I think tonight dow should be red. Just a feeling. Hmm, IR annoucement should be anytime now, I think, at 530pm.

What a bad market today. STI dropped 36 points, mainly supported by strong singtel showing. Can easily see that the top 10 volume are all occupied by singtel call warrants. I think without singtel, STI would drop even more so. Start of the bear? Hmm, I hope not.

Tried to sell off my longcheer, but today seems no strength, can't even support itself sufficiently. Just hold on still. Sunshine and fabchem, sigh, fell and fell. I'm getting worried about sunshine and fabchem. Both seems on the downtrend. Will try to get rid of them when they rise in strength. I certainly don't want to hold on so much stocks when market has reached the top.

Due to bad showing by 3 of my counters (longcheer, sunshine, fabchem), my total returns dropped to negative $850.