Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jittery day, no profits, total returns - 400

Today wasn't so good.

Firstly, I didn't stick to what I believed in. Secondly, I hope too much and was too greedy.

I wasn't sure of hsi direction today even though dow closed green, nikkei looked strong too. So, I didn't buy till around 10 am. This time, I bought too much because I thought that hsi would bottom out and would rise again. It didn't, in fact, it just keep dropping. After lunch, when it went up to cover my losses, I didn't cut it. Why? Greed.

I was busy trying to balance my profits/loss and wasn't concentrating on the trade itself. How could I do that? sigh...

So of now, still sitting on my long position on hsi. Tmr, there's only 2 action plan:
1. Cut my losses the moment the market opens
a. Dow future is negative
b. Some forum pple saying that china mobile, one of the components of hsi, did a share placement at 12% discount. I'm sure tmr china mobile shares would drop and that would pull down hsi together with my warrant price

2. Wait till the 10am for hsi to open, then decide.
a. Stocks don't go or down in a straight line. I might be able to cut smaller loss when it rebounded, or I might lose even bigger. Hard to see which way it'll go, esp in the morning when all the technical indicators are not even formed properly yet. Basically going in blind.

I suppose my choice is quite clear. Unless dow closed strongly in the green, of course. My fingers are crossed, best of luck to me tmr.

On the whole, I guess today's market is quite good. Longcheer, my god, flew up almost 10% at the last 1 hr or so to market close. Been holding it since like May before the selldown and now it's finally ripe. I think the main thing here is the China is going to release the 3G licence at the end of Dec. Longcheer being one of the prominent handphone designers in China will be able to reap off a big deal here. Besides that, Longcheer is sitting on a huge cash reserves, so might be able to give a fat dividend come next Feb when they announce their results.

Don't know if I'm able to hold up till then. Maybe I'll sell when I break even, maybe I'll hold. Right now, all my mind is on the long position I'm holding. Quite worried, actually.

Losses as of now is 400. (Could change drastically depending on my call warrant tmr)


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