Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Total returns: -2 k, made $140 from call warrant

I bought small amounts (half my usual lots) of call warrants for hsi today. This is because I need to go out in the afternoon so it's quite risky. I bought it because dow on fri is quite strong, followed by a strong nikkei opening.

Made around 140 today. Could have earned lots more, around 3 times more? But it's alright, I can always earn more another day. The market is always there. No point rushing.

STI keeps breaking new high, hsi also doing better. Been increasing for the past few days with no sign of slowing down. Dow is quite strong tonight as of now too, so my guess tmr is that hsi will keep on increasing.

Scary, come to think of it. My feelings is that a correction is due any time soon. The question is just when? I think the best way to trade is not to anticipate. When it comes, it'll come. I'll react accordingly. I think not these 2 weeks, perhaps after x-mas next week?

Sunshine and longcheer is dragging down my overall profit/loss. Fabchem too. I'm quite determined to sell off my fabchem, it's getting very irritating. When we're having a bull run, these laggards keep shuffling their feet and not cheonging. Imagine when we're having a bear raid!

Longcheer i'll keep at least for this month because of the pending 3G announcement from China. Besides, DBS small cap stock selection also included longcheer, so I think it could be a safe bet for the time being. It's fabchem i'm particularly worried. Longterm trend and short term trend all point southwards, so why am i still holding??

Sunshine announced a land acquisition tonight. I hope tmr it'll open strongly enough for me to sell. It's trending downwards from the peak position now, so any rebound is a good time to sell. Better not hope for a cheong anytime soon and tie up my money.

It's a freaking dangerous situation now with all the indexes worldwide reaching record high day after day.

I don't want to be caught like in May. Once is enough.