Friday, December 22, 2006

Made $400 on yesterday's call warrant

Today is half day trading for me because I need to prepare for a christmas party tmr. Dow didn't close positive today, nikkei looks weak, trading range I think. Hsi too, go up go down.

Actually, today would be the perfect day to trade. Range trading is good for me because I think I've trained enough to recognise the top and bottom. Usually, in days like this I will buy in series of 10 lots when i see the stochastic is reversing from a minimum. This is to catch the bottom of the curve. If it drops, I'll buy another 10 lots more. But before that, have to check that rsi and ema is reversing trend too, otherwise wait further. Once the curve truly rebound, should be able to see ema U-turning, rsi should ideally be low but stopping its downtrend and stochastics U-turning too, with the red line above the blue. Selling is the reverse.

I'll buy in and sell out a few times to make small amounts. But today, I cashed out all my call warrants just in case. If there's going to be a santa claus rally I'll buy again, I think I need to be safe than sorry. My hard earned profits need to be protected first and foremost.

So far, all my trades are positive. No losses consecutive for 3-4 days already. Actually this is not very healthy because I might become overconfident and ruin everything. As in stocks, it's always good to have small losses with big winnings. Yin and yang.

This Dec I traded 25 times (in and out). That's a lot, if you compared with previous months where I traded at most 5 or 6 times. I think fundamentally there's a change in the way I operate. Last time I was investing without knowing what I'm doing. Now I was trading with a clearer mind. It's good to have both, because I recognise that investing for the long term will reap more returns and is less volatile than trading. I'll work on it.

Today I'm holding no warrants, and 3 stocks. Total returns as of now: +$580. Loncheer should close higher than now, which is 1.19. Pac andes, hopefully retain the price now at 0.765. Pac andes might undergo window dressing because I think it's held by quite a no. of big fund houses. We'll see when trade starts on Tues.

Oh ya, hsi will open on Wed instead. I'll update more when I can.