Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sold my scary call warrant

Hmm, a bit early right? Market is not even closed yet, but here I am blogging away.

Today nearly had a panic attack. I can feel my heart pounding away furiously when it nears 9am. This is usually a bad sign. What's more, I log myself out of website after attempting for 3 tries!!

My god, the last time I did that, I had to wait 2-3 days for them to send me the password again! I couldn't afford that luxury, especially when I have an important warrant to sell off! Luckily, I called the service centre and unlike all the 99 times that I call them, they picked up immediately and did not put me on hold.

She resetted my account and I tried to remember it. My heart calmed down a lot and all went well from there.

I waited till 10 am before I sold my call warrant. Why?
a. Dow closed red but slightly (-22.35)
b. Nikkei opened strongly (+80 plus)
c. The buy quote for my warrant is miserable, I would have lost a lot more than I intend to if I sell at market opening.

Hsi went down all the way after it opens, and I sold less than 5 mins after that. The price of my warrant did not go up afterthat, so I'm glad I did sell it off. I incurred losses of 1.3 k due to yesterday's greediness and wrong mental state when buying.

It's okay lah, overall my warrant trading is +300 like that. Could be better but than again, I just started like 2 wks ago? Warrants are for the fast and furious, certainly not for the faint of heart.

Longcheer cheong like mad early morning, reaching a high of 1.33. I did not sell off, though I was in the money already. Reasons:
a. China gng to announce 3G licence and longcheer stands to benefit
b. I believe upside for longcheer is still there, even though overall market sentiment is far from good. Target price range from 1.5 to 2.3. If you take the average, that's already like 1.9. Even the lowest target price 1.5 still not a long way to go, so I will hold first

I won't trade warrants today. The direction is not clear. Hsi is clearly whip sawing up and down, though overall still in the red. Put warrant not enough volume, entering is too dangerous as you might get stuck in there. Call warrant, don't have to say already. Hsi going up and down support range of 19000. I'll wait for clearer direction first. So today, stay on the sideline and watch.

The plan for today is to sell of my long position. My uneasiness for the market is getting stronger. I wanted to sell off laggards like sunshine holdings and fabchem. ESPECIALLY Fabchem! So disappointing...what's worse, bad management because of director who is involved in a lot of accounting frauds in other companies. Sell on strength for this one.

Intending to hold on pacific andes, yellow page (1 lot for this one, just sit on it for the good dividend), long cheer.

Overall returns as of 11:30 am: + 380

Will update again at market close later