Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm feeling SOooo much better now

I am feeling so much better.

It comes after you've accepted you rightful place in the stock market. I, for one, belongs to those who lose money (a lot) in a bullish market. Okay, I suck big time. But I'll improve.

I told someone that if I ever going to die, I'll just put all my money PLUS go and borrow 1 million or something THEN I'll just whack one warrant. Within the day, I'll know if I made multi-fold or go bankrupt. Why go suicide at MRT tracks, go do a 'big' one lah!

Of course, I'm not desperate yet. Just fantasizing because some idiot thought he's very smart. He's in Sunday times, increase his portfolio of game money from 125k to 700 million. Nuts, he just bet on warrant and happened to bet on the right direction.

I'm diverging, I realized. What was I supposed to say? Yup, I felt happy after I accepted my position and my losses. No big deal. I'll make it back. I WILL MAKE IT BACK.

Meantime, STI and HSI on dangerous peak now. Esp HSI, something dun feel very right. It's going to peak soon and go downtrend. I'm still have long positions on my call warrants, going to have to cash in sometime soon. Now is a bit losing (by 4 bids), so might have to wait. I just expect hsi to do one of the big +300 points in one day stunt this week, and I'll just sell off my warrants. put warrants didn't move much even though STI dropped 50 points today. Crap. Nevertheless, underlying trend for sti still intact.

Capitaland warrants making money already, not much though, around 70 bucks. Hoping for it to rise more. This week, I wanted to sell off all my warrants then go on holiday liao. Secretly, I'm wishing for a big crash (sorry guys, misery likes company).

Longcheer still dropping, although magnitude is lesser. Dropped 0.035 to stay (rather stable) near 0.895/0.900. I've no illusion that the worst is over, in fact, I think it's begining only. Should see it drop maybe to 0.80 or worse (gulps!) 0.77.

Wish everyone had better trading than me! Cheers!