Friday, February 02, 2007


Time to bash DBS vickers online again.

Bought a call warrant for hsi, 5 lots at 0.365 when HSI breaches 20,600. Went down a bit and rallied up till the warrant price became 0.42. You know, I wanted to sell because I wanted to go off already. So guess what, DBS HANGED UP ON ME AGAIN!! THE WHOLE BLOODY SERVER JUST KAPOOM! WTF are u guys doing at dbs??

Now it's 0.375, slightly in the red by less than $5, but I could have got a profit anything between $170 to $220!! Sick man...

Basically I'm bullish for HSI. The dreaded double top didn't happen and what we got is a uptrend in the making. At least that's what I think. Probably will try to aim for 20,800 (the last peak) or beyond before CNY. What I really want to see on Monday is that it rallied up again, causing the stochastics red line to cross the blue line. I think a nice 100 to 150 points up should do the trick. I guess it depends on how dow closes tonight. At the moment I can't check because Yahoo finance! is down. What the hell right.

STI went crazy again. I don't know, but I think this week it added around 120 points to the index? Uptrend still intact, maybe a little correction along the way before the CNY? I will probably add in to my put warrants sometime after budget day (I expect it to cheong) to average down my position. Now is bullish, we'll see what happens after budget day and after chinese new year. I think it'll be a massacre.

Price action:
Yesterday: 0.09
Today: 0.085

Double bottom reversal signal? Seems like ema20 is acting as a support for this stock. Should see it trying to test resistance. Short term doesn't look too good, long term so so only.

Yesterday: 0.435
Today: 0.435

Everything going on downtrend. Seems like it will test support at 0.430. Hope it'll rebound.

MAE enggr:
Yesterday: 0.23
Today: 0.22

Hmm...everyday going down, though on decreasing volume.

Yesterday: 1.12
Today: 1.16

Everything is falling into plans. It is indeed rebounding back within 61.8 to 38.2% fibonacci retracement zone. Should be seeing it going a little higher between 1.17 to 1.20. If it breaks 1.26, whooooo, it should rise even more. Hopefully results on 8th feb (thurs) should gather some momentum for this stock. I think it's quite hot in the channelsasiaforum.

Pac andes resuming uptrend, increased 0.015 to a close of 0.94 now.

Because of all these good movements, my portfolio loses shrink quite a bit to 9.4k. Not too bad, considering yesterday it was 11k!!