Saturday, February 03, 2007

Food for thought

Just saw sgx announcement for Friday.

Saw 2 announcements that caught my eye. Firstly is for fabchem. They recently sold 29.9% of their shares to Dyno, another mining company in US (i think) for 0.70 per share, way at a premium to the current share price (around 0.55?). They appointed 2 directors to sit on the board of fabchem, which should give fabchem a proper direction to really tap the china and perhaps overseas market. Fabchem is one(if not the only) mining company and is the only such company that deals with explosives in SGX. Perhaps this news might give some boost to this stock.

I saw the charts just now, seems like downtrend is over and going to reverse soon. The only thing I don't like is the management. I know a lot of people see the director of this company so run far far away already. So? I don't know, but I won't buy for now.

Another announcement is regarding yellow pages. They just won a prestigious award for their 'new' business. If you didn't know, yellow pages has been trying to revamp their business model, so instead of the thick book that we're so familiar with, they also set up a search directory website called internet yellow pages (IYP or something). It is this website that won 2006 best website (for most hits) in the business catergory. Something like that.

Perhaps that finally explains why yellow pages had been running up so furiously recently? Anyway, I invested a very humble 1 lot in it at a super high of 1.67. I don't think I'm going to sell this off anytime soon since they give such wonderful dividends. Their dividend policy is 100% profit given as dividend. Not surprising since yellow pages not longer need such cash flow for expansion, though in my opinion, they should start giving less dividend and use their long years of expertise to expand their business overseas. That might really give yellow pages a run for their money. If any company only has business in Singapore, everyone in the company can eat grass already because Singapore is only so big.

How big? See the little dot underneath the question mark? This big.