Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sold my capitaland warrants

First thing in the morning, I sold off my capitaland warrants.

Don't know whether it's a curse or a blessing, because initially I wanted to sell off in the morning then buy back lower in the afternoon like the whole of last week. Unfortunately, I think this week is property play, all the stocks involved in properties like capitaland, kepland, city development, sp land, all cheong like nobody's business. Really no goverment type of cheonging man.

Too bad lah, could have sold off at a higher profit. Bought at 0.4125, sold at 0.510, made a good 22% profit. When I looked at the price of the warrant just now, wow..blew my mind, it hit up to 0.560. Aww's okay lah, mustn't be greedy, because it could turn out to be the other direction too, ya?

Tmr if there's weakness in capitaland, i'll might get the warrants again. Then again, maybe not. I just saw the charts, seems like it's at or near the peak of its uptrend already, thought uptrend is still intact. Maybe just go in another round, see how first.

Longcheer also don't know what happen, just cheong up so much, shaved off a bit of my losses. Hope it has bottomed out already and should go up. Hope and cross my fingers.

HSI a bit worrying. Even though today increased by around 70 points and I feel that the strength of the bull is still there, it's afterall on weak volume. So, might not be too sustainable. Maybe everyone still on holiday mood, I think.

I still haven't sold off my call warrants, hold so long already man. The whole of this week, China's market will be closed, so there won't be any leads for HSI. It's all on its own. They are going to announce their budget soon, so I hope there's some rally going on there to push up HSI.

Really got a shock when I saw STI closing today. Increased by 56 points! And it's a broad based rally with blue chips and penny rallying. About the only counter on my watchlist that is not rallying is genting. Wow, good start of the first trading day of the fiery pig year! This shouldn't be a time to get complacent too, I would lighten up more load if I can instead of loading more now. If really must buy it'll also be quickies. Buy and sell on same day or a few days. Dangerous times we're heading to.

Looking at the charts for STI looks fantastic though. Looks like more upside for now, though be cautious and don't think this joyride will never end. Dow don't look good today (at -56 as of now) but I think our regional bourses should be diverging from theirs, so it shouldn't matter as much.

Tmr is the all important osim's result. Let's see if the results is above expectation, then it'll hasten the uptrend which is is experiencing right now. Good luck!