Friday, February 23, 2007

Genting net loss 47% for 2007

HSI went down -250 points then went up to -98 points in one day.

Not bad not bad, shows its strength. This movement today covered a gap shown a few days earlier already, so it should get ready to rally up from now. Today's drop to test support is an indication of how strong it is. Not too bad at all.

Today's highlight is genting's report. I can't be bothered to look through everything. I only see that the net profit for 2007 drops 47% from 2006. Is this a sign to get all worried? No lah, I don't think so. Firstly, casino IR is not even built yet. Hell, the money to built it isn't even ready. Based on the future prospect of genting, this stock is good to keep for at least 4 years (2011 is the opening ya?). Long term investment man.

Seriously this stock is overvalued at this point in time, I hope it'll drop lower so I can accumulate. Either that or I'll wait for them to reissue new genting share and get it there and then. Either case, I want a share of this government sponsored big project that will leap singapore away from poverty. Ya, right.

Osim broke ema20 days average resistance. A very good sign. From what I can see, it's still on uptrend, so shouldn't have to worry now. Hope you did buy when I asked you to last time, haha!

STI again broke new high (is it? I think so). I think the overall sentiment is cautious. People keep thinking that the market will crash anytime soon. Haha, maybe that's what will prevent the market from crashing. Anyway, my put warrants rose 1 bid up.

Because longcheer is behaving, my overall loss lessened somewhat to 20.1 k. Not too bad. Next month I'm going to get quite a lot of dividend from my stocks. At least $500 from longcheer already, haha, so that should alleviate my situation too.

Have a nice weekend!


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