Tuesday, January 08, 2008

China milk bucks the general trend

Dow closed green yesterday. STI tried to, but failed in the end. Today STI dropped 14.8 pts, closing at 3338 with a volume of 1.88 billion. STI was doing well until after lunch, where a selldown over at Shanghai and HSI causes us to drop from the morning rise.

A few news to share:

1. Capitaland wanted to buy over the rest of Ascott. When it resumed trading today, capitaland dropped in price while ascott rose by 0.50. Obviously, investors over at capitaland must be wondering why they are buying over ascott at this kind of property bullrun? Perhaps they think it's undervalued? I've no idea, not much interest in their business anyway.

2. For skyalps...EMS directors are selling their shares ahead of the rights exercise? Saw a couple of notice to shareholders about the disposal of shares by one of the directors. While selling shares is no big deal (unlike buying of shares), it's the sensitivity of the timing. What would investors think if they see a director disposing shares? haha

3. CEO of chemoil KIA due to helicopter crash over at Indonesia. Not the first time since the start of the year. There was another announcement where the CFO of Baidu in China, died in a car crash too. All the high management level, pls be careful...money isn't everything...my condolences...

China milk chart above! :) Volume keeps picking up for at least 2 days already. Wondering what's up?

Dow futures up 72 pts. At least that guarantee a good opening.


Musicwhiz said...

Hi LP,

For China Milk, the people there are bullish over Bull Semen, hope it's not a load of Bull :P No pun intended....(yeah right !).

Regards, Musicwhiz

la papillion said...

Hi MW,

haha, bull semen sells a for a lot do you know? Net margins around 90%!! Only bad thing is the short history...still reading up on the statements for this :P