Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reminder to myself

Note to myself:

1. Do a yield calculation for all those counters that I had which gave constant dividend, using the price that I bought. E.g. Pac andes, HSBC, singpost

2. Do a yield calculation for all those counters again, but using the current market price

In times like this, moral conviction of your own investment is of utmost importance. Do I have what it takes to be a long term investor? To hold a counter so that it goes from profit to losses isn't something easy to bear.

Quite certain that HSBC is going to break 120. If it does, no point buying at that level. Keep that in view for now. I'll be blind (no market access) for the whole day, so I'd rather not queue first. I'll wait for my yield calculation to be done tonight. I need some conviction myself to buy when others are selling. This shall be one major test of my mettle.

C'mon bear, take me!