Monday, January 21, 2008


This day I need to record it. It's very important.

This is why it's so important:

1. STI dropped 187 pts to close at 2917, dropping a total of 6.03%, with a volume of 2.15 billion. Gainers to losers is 153 to 711. Nowhere have I seen STI drop this much before. Eye-opener.

2. HSI fell 1,383 pts to close at 23,818, a total drop of 5.49%.

Dow is not open tonight due to a holiday. Massive selling, broadbased and relentless. This is really quite the worst fall I've seen. No reason why know, the market just fell.

Here's a few news to share:

1. CES was awarded S$188 million contract to build HDB housing in Queenstown. I doubt this good news is enough to jolt CES out of the current situation.

2. More selling by Capital investment on Singpost. From 12.9618 % To 11.9782 % through a series of transactions from 19th Nov till 17th Jan. I suppose that's why singpost fell so much as there are BB selling off.

Bank of America is showing report card tmr night, I believe. Dow is opening too. Might see another fresh round of selling. Let's see how low we can get.