Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Did it struck you that the old STI is stuck at 3344?

STI crashed again...how to know? Look at the magnitude of the drop of my watchlist, haha, can sort of feel the thing. HSI fell 630 pts, below 26,000. We might be in for some trouble.

Bad mood today. But it's not because of the stock market. It can crash for all I care. Stupid SGX, go and die lah, trouble everyone because of the new index. I wonder how international community view us - so many days the STI still stuck at 3344. Literally 'sheng sheng si si'. I think now is more 44 than 33.

SGX released its 2H results today. Didn't bother to read in detail, but seems quite alright.

My chemical romance: I'm not Okay

I'll stop here. Bad mood might be infectious. Take care.