Friday, June 01, 2007

STI up 37.19

STI bounced back with a vengeance today, closing 3548.32 with +37.19 from previous close. Not safe yet, must see a higher high and high low before we can conclude that a new trend is in place.

Most of the stocks rallied (except mine!). Okay lah, every dog has its day. Straits asia went high today while swiber gets closer to my support level. If swiber hits 1.62 and rebound, I might enter another batch. I might do a detailed TA on this again. It's an important decision as I'm holding 10 lots of this a rather low average price of 1.29.

I was alerted to OKP. Might have some power in there, we'll see next week. Too tired to do any analysis.

Dow +28.6 now, europe mostly green.