Saturday, June 02, 2007

Construction funds :)

Below is the extract headlines of THE EDGE magazine. Listed down those construction stocks (speculative in nature, take note!) that might see a rise in price within 2 months.

Have money buy do buy all and put it as construction mutual funds :) Maybe we should pool money to buy, haha! Hmm, noticed they didn't put down Lian Beng :) Vested in 3 of the construction stocks.



BBR HOLDINGS - Has an outside chance of getting a sub-contract.

CSC HOLDINGS - Awarded $240 Million contract by Marina Bay Sands for piling and foundation work.

Hong Leong Asia - Awarded main contract to supply concrete to Marina Bay Sands.

Yongnam Holdings - Favourite to clinch the contract for the erection of the steel structure.

Pan United Corp - Awarded contracts to supply Marina Bay Financial Centre and Marine Bay Residences with concrete, analysts thinks its supplies may be needed for IR.

King Wah Corp - Analysts believe it could get a contract.

Koh Brothers - Awarded $240 Million Marina Barrage and $100 Million Common Services Tunnel.

Penguin Boat Int'l - Company has bid for the scaffolding contract.

PSL Holdings - Supplying construction hardware and hydraulic hoses to Marina Bay area.

Tat Hong Holdings - Supply 30 crawler cranes for IR Site.

Tiong Woon Corp - Nothing at Marina Bay yet.

United Engineers - Favourite to clinch the M&E project.