Tuesday, June 12, 2007

STI 3400 DBePW071031: 5 lots at 0.355

I can't buy STI puts because I can't monitor them actively for the next 3 trading sessions. As such, it's too risky for me to actually buy. I'll just do a paper trade to learn it anywhere. Of course, the learning will be more diluted because it's sort of fake.

I saw DOW opening high but closing neutral yesterday, a sign of distribution already. I expect STI to follow too. Went back to look at charts and noticed a resistance level around 3560.

Intraday chart for STI really shows that STI went up to 3563 before coming down. Surely a sign that STI hit resistance and is coming down. Downtrend haven't been established.

Paper trade:
12 June: Bought 5 lots STI 3400 DBePW071031 at 0.355

To break even, I need it to increase 3 bids to 0.370. Let's see if it's a good decision.

Updated: 20th June

Alright, I suck at warrants. I'll not want to monitor this anymore. At present, the warrants I 'bought' dropped to 0.275. Haha, I can only say I'm lucky I didn't really buy it.

I'll remove the label for now