Saturday, June 02, 2007

Intraday closing analysis of Dow (part 1)

Okay, break out on the downside faster than i thought.

The breakout on the down side is not accompanied by surging volume though, but it didn't matter. After breaking down below the support line, it went up to test the new support turned resistance line. It didn't break through it (currently testing the resistance line again).

So scenario 2 (in previous post) turns out to be true, as expected of this type of formation.

But I didn't like is the volume, doesn't seem to go down much even though it broke down out of the descending triangle. If it doesn't go down, it must go up right? What's more is that MACD histogram and stochastic seems to suggest more upside. Maybe temporarily, who knows?

My take on the closing: below 13,640.

(Maybe next time I'll do paper trades on warrants. This should help me train up for the day when I go back to warrant trading again)