Friday, June 08, 2007

Ping Biang Pong *market crashes*

Cosco cosco...what the hell, won US 525 million contract, then awarded another US 699 million contract - that's a total of US 1 billion! Really a powerhouse! No wonder the stock kept rallying since yesterday, even through this super down day. No fair right? Insider trading again.

It looks like the oil rig business doing extremely well. This would last a few years. I've got a couple of oil stocks - swiber and CH offshore, even straits asia resource is going to venture into it.

STI dropped 1.5%, still okay lah. My counters didn't drop much, quite resilient. Construction sector didn't even drop at all, just the usual volatility. That shows where the money is when the bull resumes.

I'm deciding to go in property stocks soon. Of course I can't afford their mother shares, so going to go for their warrants. Particularly I'm looking at capitaland and CDL. Good to buy during dips and hold till their earnings seasons, maybe around august to september (not sure, have to check). Maybe i'll do more study on this towards the weekend, no hurry yet because I believe retracement might not be over yet.

Dow doing well as of now, +40 points. SSEC continued its climb despite the bloodshed everywhere :) Always like that, pple cheong, shanghai crash. When pple crash, shanghai cheong.

While walking around Tampines mall, saw the huge construction works at the former DBS building site (where the challenger used to be). On one of the cranes, it wrote "L&M foundation" :) L&M is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSC, where I freakin hold 25 lots!! Better cheong!!

Even for now, enjoy your weekend!