Monday, January 25, 2021

The power of small changes

I'm doing a classic SMOL post here (lol!), so interpret however you wish. Here it goes:


Sillyinvestor said...

Let me have a go.

Going beyond a bit of your 100 percent or comfort zone, everyday, ends up to a lot.

Keep skiving to conserve yourself, u will be left further further behind

My 15HWW said...

1% improvements and drop-offs are very difficult to do consistently.

Think such extrapolation also ignore the end of the parabolic effect that happens most of the time. For eg, it's literally impossible to weight 37 times or 0.03 times your weight.

hyom said...

No right or wrong answer. Here's my interpretation.

When a person has the ability to make even a tiny positive change in a particular domain, he should keep doing it over time. Repeat many time and he will become a big success.

When a person lacks the ability, too blind to see his weakness, makes things worse each time he does it, but insists on doing it over time, he will become a big failure.

Conclusion: We are born with different strengths and weaknesses. Each of us have unique human capital. Find that which we are good at and love to do, then keep doing it. Even more important is for the person to avoid what he is weak at so that he does not become a failure and a nuisance to others.

Final outcome: Know yourself, then make your life decisions accordingly. That person will probably become a success later on in life. No need to be genius, have high IQ. Ordinary people also can have success.

la papillion said...

Hi guys,

I will put forth my own interpretation:

The power of small change when compounded over a period of time, will result in exponential difference. 1.01 refers to a positive change of 0.01 from 1.00, while 0.99 represents a negative change of 0.01 from 1.00. If you change your daily thoughts or habits by a little (whether positively or negatively, you'll end up very different over a period of time, so be especially careful of negative changes. The chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. Seemingly small negative things can be compounded until they become really bad.

I can extend this to 1.00^365 = 1.00. I think there will come a time when we don't need to make any changes because we're at peace. This is an equilibrium state where we don't need to strive any more for any more positive outcome or correct ourselves to get rid of negative outcome. I see the changes from 0.99 to 1.00 to 1.01 as finding that balance in life.

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