Thursday, April 28, 2011

NOL / Cache / Indoagri charts

Personal reference only.


I think I mentioned in the cbox not too long ago about the possibility of seeing a triple bullish divergence. We're seeing it now. I still don't like the persistent downtrend line that the price seems so reluctant to break. I think 1.88 seems like a good entry point, exit at 1.96 thereabouts? Undecided whether to trade this or not.


I got in at 0.915, which I think is an excellent entry point. I see a bullish wedge formation with the neckline at 0.955/0.960. Not sure if the higher than average volume seen on Wed means anything. Will have to see if there's a followup on Thurs. With so many trenches dug in at 0.96, it might take a great effort to go pass that resistance. If it does, 0.98 and eventually 1.00 would be the way to go. I really like this one, both weekly and daily.


This looks good too. Entry 2.12 with tp of 2.22-2.25. This certainly looks better than NOL. Should I? Hmm...