Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Addicted to burgers :D

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Quite recently, I've been addicted to this new burger by Burger King. Actually I'm not sure if this is a new burger or not, but there's this promotion that had been going on for some time. Basically, you order a standard meal that comes with a burger, medium fries and a drink, but you get two pieces of black pepper basil drumlets for free! This costs only $6.95, and I'm sure it'll fill you up because there's really a lot of things to eat.

Anyway, I digress. The burger that I was so addicted was the BK Doubles Crispy Onion burger. The sauce is a tangy BBQ-like sauce that is put in between two the beef patty and with a crispy onion. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water, haha :) A picture will replace a thousand words:

I think the picture above is for the single crispy onion burger. But I'm quite sure that I'm addicted to the doubles crispy onion one, haha! It was truly the best burger I've even eaten, and I was back at it again and again. That's this time that I got so hooked by it I was eating it thrice a week! But I have to take care of my health, so I scaled down on it already :)

There's now a promotion for Burger King again. This time round, you can get a free sundae with every burger purchased, whether it's a meal or not. I've never tried sundae before but from what I've gathered, it seems that it would be a good choice. But there's just so many things to eat, haha, so likely I'll have to share the meal with my wife. You can click the link here to get the coupon to enjoy the special giveaway. From what I've heard, it's good enough to save it in your handphone, so you don't really have to physically print it out.


Createwealth8888 said...

Too much fast food and too slow exercise will lead you faster to poor health.

Promotion? Good deal? Take care brother as you are approaching 40 and no longer young.

I have been nagging at my kids for years for eating fast food for years. When I see your post, I really buay tahan. Grrr............

Patty said...

after all the cooking sessions we had and you go stuff yourself with quick-fix junk food!? grrr...

la papillion said...

Hi bro8888,

Thanks for the advice...it's only during that period of time for 2 weeks. Usually I don't eat fast food very often. But sometimes, when I finish work at 10pm, about the only place where there is dinner to be had is just fast food. No choice loh.

Good advice to stop kids for eating fast food...esp small children.

la papillion said...

Hi Patty,

Hhaa, comfort food mah :)

Anonymous said...

Hi LP,
I "brainwashed" my kid from young by asking him to read every Thursday's health supplement articles from Straights Times;
So much, that now he really knows what are healthy/unhealthy foods. And how to stay healthy. Because of this, he only indulge in "fast food & soft drinks once in a while.
For oldies like us, our taste buds are more use to traditional foods. But of course not all traditional foods are healthy.We crave for "Char Kuay Teow" with a lot of "Chee Yeow Char" to get the "SIOK" feeling.
There you see, we have to be careful too in our eating habits. We the pots can not call the kettles black. Ha! Ha!

la papillion said...

Hi Temperament,

Haha, if the child is a guy, it's harder to inculcate good food habits. From my students, those who are females can tell which food have what calories, which is most likely stemmed from their obsession with being thin and not fat.

Interesting perspective on our 'fast' food, haha! True true, cos sometimes I crave for carrot cake more than burger king, haha!

vynny said...

the power of suggestion.

i think i am having burger king for dinner

Kyith said...

You know what's the most evil thing among that burger?

The bread

la papillion said...

Hi vynny,

Haha, that's how advertisments works :)

Hi drizzt,

What's so evil about the bread? :o

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

I luv burgers too. Yummy! Nom! Nom! Nom! ^^