Thursday, April 07, 2011

The posts that never made it

The title is a little misleading. In this blog post, I will put in some posts that I canned away before it is even published. The reasons will be stated besides each canned blog posts too, so that you can agree or disagree with them, haha! As mentioned in previous postings, it's hard to keep up with new posts every now and then, so the only approach I found viable is to have ideas jotted down, as they come along. So, when I'm walking along the streets and an idea hit me, I'll whip out my handphone and type in the rough idea of what I'm going to blog in a notepad application found in my handphone. This way, I'll keep track of the new ideas and if I can flesh it out, I'll blog about it.

Anyway, here goes:

1. The 5 most expensive things I've bought

I almost immediately brushed off this blog post after I've keyed into my handphone. It doesn't excite me nor do I want to dig out my records to see what I've got and the costs of each of them. The initial idea of this post is to veer towards the direction of having a lifestyle that do not require high maintenance or surrounded by branded goods. I think the comments that follows will be quite interesting to see though.

Killed ideas

2. Relative tragedy

This is right after the Japan earthquake/tsunami in March 2011. I've wanted to blog about how our personal troubles can be diminished (or enlarged) by comparing how others fare. I had this inspiration because as I was travelling, I've heard people complaining about all sorts of things. It could be that the bus is late, their school work is mounting up, tests are coming and so on. In light of the disaster happening in Japan, somehow I feel that their personal tragedies seem minute. I wanted to talk about this comical contrasts but decided against it. I do not have enough worthy examples and do not want to gloat over others' problems like that, hence I canned this post.

3. How do you know you've been converted as a soldier after ICT

This post is inspired by a chatting session with my bunk mates during my very recent in camp training (aka reservist). I've been away for around one month, so it's enough to convert the civilian in me to a soldier. Some of the things I've brainstormed include using IC to scan for food in restaurants, wearing a cap when under the sun, the ability to sleep anyway, the ability to sit anyway and so on. It'll be a light hearted post but the lameness of it deterred me. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about ICT as me, haha!


PanzerGrenadier said...


I started work literally a couple of days after I completed remaining term of full-time NS after disruption. Hence, I can understand the feeling of suddenly moving from a military regime (wake up/sleeping time regimented) and being a lowly CPL lifeform.

The transition took a while before I became more civilianised....hahah..

la papillion said...

Hi PG,

Haha, it must be quite a culture shock, having to convert to civilian life over such a short notice :) For me, I had a buffer of 4 years of university study, so by the time I'm out, I'm fully converted to civilian :)