Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A new look!

I've outgrown the older template.

It's time for a new template. This must be the 3rd time that I changed a new template and it could only get better and better. I still remembered that my very first one was from the standard classic template from blogger itself. Not very inspiring at all.

After some time, I switched to a new (and now old) one, with 2 columns. Not too long ago, I configured it to work with 3 columns. In the process, I learnt lots of html codes myself. No doubt, it's rudimentary, but I think I can still do the standard editing and managing of my website. With the new and latest template, I've graduated one more level with html coding.

There's much more features in this latest template. I think I should list them down:
1. Tabs near the header just above the chatbox. These are quite handy to me and possibly to others as well. Though we have several links, we only click a few of them. And those should be placed in the most accessible places so that time wouldn't be spent trying to locate those links. The tabs can be fully extended to include more quick links as and when I want it.

2. The colour matching is done on a more conscious level. Nobody would want to visit an unpleasant website, even myself. It's important to have a certain level of aesthetics in order to fire the little neurons in my mind for productive work in the blog.

3. It's a 3 column template, so there's a better use of the web space available. This blog is not used mainly for advertising (though who would mind if there is). In fact, it is my own philosophy that interests comes before money. I removed those things that are jarring to my philosophy and only include one advertising source - nuffnangs.

Sorry for all the disturbances and inconveniences while doing the changes. Do bear with me in this period of transition :)