Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are you a fighter, a mage or a fighter-mage?

I was talking to dream and musicwhiz last night when the idea of using Dungeons&Dragons (D&D) as an analogy to the two streams of thought for investing/trading was discussed. I did some research on found that, well, not only does D&D analogy applies to investing/trading, it also applies to web development. I got most of my information from the site, which I think all in IT should at least read it - it's damn interesting!



Not the flashiest or most prestigious role, Fighters have the lowest barrier to entry. They accumulate experience quickly, and don’t have a lot of class bonuses. But their simplicity belies a focus and strength that is crucial. The fighter is the guy in the party that protects the more “thinky” types from anything that might get in their way. There can be honor and satisfaction in bashing orcs one at a time.


I do agree with the author that fighters are not the most flashiest of the lot, but they certainly have the lowest barrier to entry. Almost any races can join to become a fighter. Fighters act as a tank to protect the weaker wizards from monsters, especially during the earlier stages of their 'career'.

Personally, I think fighters represents technicians. This is based on 2 reasons:

1. Chart reading is the more accessible than reading annual reports and financial statements
2. You can accumulate experience fairly quickly (don't flame me on this!) because you need less knowledge before you can start reading charts



The mage is the general purpose wizard. They are resourceful and possess a broad understanding of all types of magic. While not specialized in their studies, they are deeply theoretical, research oriented, and possess incredible focus and discipline. Their power comes from being able to summon a wide variety of spells, but they tend to be weak and vulnerable in the chaos of melee, since they must prepare spells ahead of time.


There are more specialized classes of magic users - like wizards, so don't be too harsh when they wrote 'while they are not specialized in their studies'. I think FA will fit into this role because:

1. Mages will fit into the researching type that fundamentalist seems to exude.
2. Mages are weaker at first (short term might not do well) and as they level progresses (as time goes on), they are gain more and more powerful spells. I think this fits into the long term perspective of fundamentalist.

Haha, but it depends on your reasonings.

I think dream gave a very good counter analogy. He said that since mages are more nimble and agile, dodging monsters and casting spells, mages will be most like TA :) Perfectly reasonable! So what do you think?